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Annulment Lawyers in London

We have specialist solicitors to support you through the most difficult stage in your life.

Our family solicitors have extensive expertise in working in complex and sensitive cases with care and empathy. Our personalised service will support and uphold your interest in each step of the process.

Our family solicitors are members of the Resolution.  They are committed to working in a constructive and effective manner. They will put your interest first and ensure that the most cost effective and long term solution is considered in your matter at every stage.

Annulments and Voidable Marriages

Distinguishing itself from divorce, an annulment involves a formal court declaration that renders a marriage either initially invalid or legally void at a later point. Essentially, an annulment erases the marriage as if it never occurred.

Various grounds may lead to a court granting an annulment, such as a party already being married at the time of the marriage or being coerced or deceived into the marriage. However, navigating the complex and time-consuming process of applying for and obtaining an annulment necessitates expert legal assistance.

At Evalen Law, our expert legal team possesses the necessary knowledge and experience to efficiently handle annulment applications, understanding the sensitive and challenging nature of such cases.

For further details or a comprehensive discussion on annulment, contact Evalen Law today.


Grounds for Annulment

There are two categories of marriages eligible for annulment: void marriages and voidable marriages.

Void marriages were never legally valid, requiring no formal annulment. However, parties may seek a formal decree to address subsequent property and financial matters.

Voidable marriages, while legally formalised, are eligible for annulment due to reasons such as non-consummation, lack of proper consent, a spouse having a sexually transmitted disease at the time of marriage, the other spouse being pregnant by someone else at the time of marriage, or one spouse undergoing a gender transition.

It's important to note that meeting one or more of these conditions does not guarantee annulment eligibility, as various other factors must be considered, an area where our skilled legal team can provide assistance.

For a deeper understanding of annulment or separation issues, schedule your obligation-free consultation with Evalen Law.


Duration of Annulment Proceedings

In uncomplicated, uncontested annulment cases, the process typically takes approximately six months. However, predicting and avoiding delays can be challenging,  we therefore advise booking an early consultation with an experienced solicitor as soon as possible.

Regardless of the complexity of your case, Evalen Law offers legal support and representation to ensure a prompt and amicable resolution. Contact us anytime for more information on annulment and voidable marriages.

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