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Judicial Separation Lawyers in London

We have specialist solicitors to support you through the most difficult stage in your life.

Our family solicitors have extensive expertise in working in complex and sensitive cases with care and empathy. Our personalised service will support and uphold your interest in each step of the process.

Our family solicitors are members of the Resolution.  They are committed to working in a constructive and effective manner. They will put your interest first and ensure that the most cost effective and long term solution is considered in your matter at every stage.

Judicial Separation

A decree of judicial separation is a court order similar to divorce, under which you remain legally married but your normal marital obligations cease and you no longer have to live together. The main circumstances under which judicial separation takes place are when one or both of the parties are opposed to divorce, perhaps for religious reasons; when the couple have been married for less than a year, or when it may be difficult to provide evidence of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage which is necessary for divorce.

Should you decide that you wish to become full marriage partners again, you can apply for your judicial separation to be rescinded by the courts.

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