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Wills & Probate Lawyers in London

Will Writing Services

We provide a highly competitive will writing service in London. Unfortunately, death is an inevitable aspect of life. However, your legacy doesn't have to end with your passing. Through our will writing services, you can bestow your assets to your partner, children, charities, or friends as a final gift. Drafting a will involves creating a legally binding document to ensure your wishes are executed posthumously. Writing a will serves as a safeguard for the future, protecting your assets.

Family dynamics can be intricate, making it invaluable to seek guidance from a trusted will writing solicitor who comprehends your family's complexities.

What Does a Will Accomplish for You?

Although contemplating the inevitable is not pleasant, it's essential to ensure your assets are distributed according to your desires after your passing. A will serves as a legal document documenting your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate (including property, shares, savings, investments, and personal belongings) after your demise.

Consequences of Dying Without a Will:

When you create a will with us, we inquire about your assets, desired beneficiaries, and distribution preferences. You will designate executors responsible for executing your wishes posthumously. Once drafted, the will is signed to establish its legal validity, and we can even provide storage services for your convenience.

Reviewing an Existing Will:

If you already have a will, it's crucial to ensure it remains current, especially amidst life changes such as acquiring a new partner, relocating, or welcoming a child.

Probate & Estate Administration

The death of a loved one is always a distressing and emotional time for those left behind. Dealing with the legal formalities can become an additional strain. We appreciate that probate law can be confusing and bewildering. This is why we aim to make it simpler for you to understand probate.


If you have been designated as an executor, it's crucial to distribute assets promptly following the testator's passing. As the executor, you are tasked with handling the estate and representing the testator in legal matters if required.


Responsibilities of Estate Administrators:

Executors appointed by the testator bear the responsibility of estate administration, which includes the following duties:

Acquiring Probate Authorisation:

Before managing the deceased's assets, obtaining legal authorisation through a Grant of Probate is necessary. This grant solidifies your authority as executor to administer the deceased's estate. Should you have inquiries, our team can assist with the application process.

Filing an Inheritance Tax Declaration:

All estates are subject to inheritance tax, levied on the entire estate value. Typically, there's no tax if the estate value is under £325,000 or if amounts above this threshold are bequeathed to specific beneficiaries. Nevertheless, submitting an Inheritance Tax Return is mandatory, even if the testator is exempt.

Securing Tax Clearance:

Once inheritance taxes are settled, submitting an IHT30 form for a clearance certificate is essential, confirming full tax payment.

Collating the Deceased's Assets:

This involves safeguarding and assessing the value of the deceased's assets, including finances, property, and investments. It may also entail recovering any owed funds to the deceased, safeguarding assets against depreciation, and ensuring adequate insurance coverage.

Clearing Debts and Obligations:

Any outstanding taxes, debts, or funeral expenses are settled by the executor using estate funds.


Honouring Legacies as Per the Will:

Ensuring the testator's spouse, civil partner, and children receive their designated inheritances as specified in the will.


Disposition of Remaining Estate:

Residue, remaining after settling debts, taxes, and expenses, is distributed according to the testator's directives in the will. If unspecified, intestacy laws govern residue distribution, managed by the state.

Our experienced team alleviates the burden of probate and estate administration during this challenging period, handling all facets from legal proceedings to tax matters, culminating in finalisation and distribution.

Will, Trust and Estate Disputes

By their nature, disputes over wills, trusts and estates often occur at times of emotional vulnerability and distress. Bringing or defending such claims is especially demanding and can become acrimonious and fraught very quickly. Seeking expert advice at an early stage to help resolve matters can therefore be crucial and can potentially avoid litigation and costly court proceedings.

We have specialist knowledge and we are able to manage grievances over inheritance with compassion whilst maintaining objectively to progress disputes to a satisfactory resolution. Our clients benefit from timely and sympathetic advice on the wide ranging legal implications of making or defending such a claim.

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